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Kistler MARS

Kistler MARS (Measurement, Analysis and Reporting Software) is innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly software for the complete analysis of force plate measurements. It supports routine diagnostics and research work.

Its development is based on the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge from the fields of biomechanics, kinesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and biomedical engineering.

MARS makes the latest scientific knowledge available in an easy-to-use software tool and adds significant value to your daily work as a physical conditioning coach, rehabilitation specialist or researcher.

MARS has been developed by an interdisciplinary group of specialists and researchers. Knowledge from computer science, software engineering, sport science, physical medicine and rehabilitation science all fused into a powerful diagnostic tool. MARS includes twenty specific test modules that cover four main fields of GRF measurements being: static and dynamic balance, locomotion and body transfer, alternating movements, and strength and power.

Ground Reaction Force

Ground reaction force (GRF) is the most common force that acts on the human body. It is therefore one of the most often analyzed biomechanical measures in human movement science. The direct way to measure GRF is using a force plate. Kistler MARS by S2P supports a wide range of force plate measurements and analysis. It analyses and displays the results of your work as a researcher, coach or clinical specialist in easy to manage reports. Besides the standard parameters, the software calculates many other evidence-based parameters for all single tests to provide most detailed information instantly.


MARS is developed in LabVIEW environment and is based on the following conceptual structure: (1) central processing unit, (2) management unit, (3) test modules, (4) comparison unit, (5) reporting unit, and (6) database. Intelligent interrelations among the individual functions – measurement, analysis and reporting – ensure that the software functions are arranged intuitively and easy-to-use. All functions are well supported with extensive help information including how-to examples.